International Conference on Advanced Video and Signal-based Surveillance, 2018,

Auckland, New Zealand


Workshop Title: Advanced Intelligent Video Surveillance System based on Video Analysis and Deep Learning Methods

Since we have received confirmation from three authors only, papers of  "Human Behaviour Analysis based on Video Analytics and Deep Learning" are moved to workshop on "Multi-source Surveillance for Public Safety and healthcare". For any further query, authors are requested to contact workshop organizers
The paper details are as follows:


Ralf ReulkeDominik RueßNiklasDeckers, Dirk Barnewitz, Anne Wieckert

and Kathrin Kienapfel

Analysis of Motion Patterns for Pain Estimation of Horses

Junyeop LeeChuljin Cho, David K. Han and HanseokKo

Hierarchical spatial object detection for ATM vandalism surveillance

Joël Dumoulin, Olivier Canévet, Michael Villamizar, Hugo Nunes, Elena MugelliniFabriceMoscheni and Jean-Marc Odobez

UNICITY: A depth maps database for people detection in security airlocks