Functional Materials Laboratory

Department of Chemistry
Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee


Group Leader

Photo Dr. Paritosh Mohanty
Research Interests:

Materials Chemistry, Low-dimensional Nanoscopic Materials, Nanoporous Materials, Hybrid Materials, Carbon Dioxide Capture and Utilization, High Pressure Chemistry, Nonstructure Immobilized Paper Matrices For High-End Applications.


Research Scholars

Photo Sudiksha Aggrawal
Research Interests:

Recent advances in Paper Technology, Applications of Paper Technology in Biotechnology, Bioactive Papers.


Photo Nisha Dhiman
Research Interests:

Material chemistry, Nanoporous composites of polymer and their applications.


Photo Ruchi Sharma
Research Interests:

Material chemistry, Carbon dioxide utilization for making products of industrial importance using conventional heterogeneous catalysis and electrocatalysis


Photo Jasasmita Das
Research Interests:

Metal-free high surface area nanoporous materials for environmental applications


Photo Anuj Rawat
Research Interests:

Material chemistry, Nanoporous materials as efficient adsorbents for petrochemical applications


Photo Pratibha Giri
Research Interests:

Metal-free high surface area nanoporous materials for environmental applications


Photo Sourabh
Research Interests:

Chemical modification of cellulosic materials for catalytic applications


Photo Arun Kumar
Research Interests:

Electrochemical investigations with non-aqueous electrolytes


Photo Tanya Gupta
Research Interests:

Utilization of carbon dioxide as C1 source for organic conversions


Photo Sachin Balhara
Research Interests:

Electrochemistry of not so active molecules and materials


Group Alumni


Name Year Current Position
Dr. Monika Chaudhary 2020
Dr. Raeesh Muhammad 2019 Postdoc. South Korea
Dr. Sunil Dutt 2017 Asst. Professor,Govt. College, Himachal Pradesh
Dr. Pawan Rekha 2016 Asst. Professor,MNIT Jaipur
Dr. Indu Chauhan 2015 Asst. Professor, NIT Jalandhar
Dr. P.V.R.K. Ramacharyulu 2014 Postdoc.,South Korea
Dr. Chang Woo Kim 2013 Asst. Professor,Pukyong National University
Dr. Usha Rani Sahoo 2012 IOCL, Faridabad

Ph.D. Scholars

S.No. Name Year Current Position
5. Dr. Monika Chaudhary 2019
4. Dr. Raeesh Muhammad 2018 Postdoc, South Korea
3. Dr. Vivek Sharma 2017 Asst. Professor,Banasthali University
2. Dr. Pawan Rekha 2016 Asst. Professor,MNIT Jaipur
1. Dr. Indu Chauhan 2014 Asst. Professor, NIT Jalandhar


11. Himanshu (2020)

10. Akanksha (2017)

9. Nishant Jain (2016)

8. Charu Agarwal (2016)

7. Chandrvati Yadav (2015)

6. Sudiksha Aggrawal (2015)

5. Aniket Gudadhe (2014)

4. Abhijit Muley (2014)

3. Vinay Khatri (2013)

2. Vikas Kashyap (2012)

1. Indu Chauhan (2012)


8. Jatan (2020)

7. Eddie (2020)

6. Kritika (2019)

5. Avdesh (2019)

4. Aseema (2018)

3. Jyoti (2017)

2. Vijay (2016)

1. Gagandeep (2016)

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