Vaskar Raychoudhury, SMACM, SMIEEE, Alexander von Humboldt Fellow

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Assistant Professor 

Department of Computer Science & Engineering

Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee

Roorkee 247667, Uttarakhand, INDIA 

I have been elevated to Senior Member, ACM since July 2017

Currently Serving as the

New Paper(s) Accepted  
  • Design and Verification of an NDN-based Safety-critical Application: A Case Study with Smart Healthcare, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON SYSTEMS, MAN, AND CYBERNETICS: SYSTEMS, June 2017
  • An Open, Multi-Sensor, Dataset of Water Pollution of Ganga Basin and its Application to Understand Impact of Large Religious Gathering,, December, 2016.
  • Fault-Avoidance Strategies for Context-Aware Schedulers in Pervasive Computing Systems, Accepted in PERCOM, 2017.
  • N-FIB: Scalable, Memory Efficient Name-based Forwarding, Accepted in Elsevier JNCA, Dec. 2016.


Research Interests

  • Mobile & Pervasive Computing (Smartphone sensing, context-awareness, middleware….)
  • Wireless Sensor Networks and Internet-of-Things (IoT)
  • Online & Mobile Social Networks (Activity scheduling, Twitter mining, Social IoT…..)
Research Activities


  • Tel: (+91) 1332-28-5848 (Off.) 
  • E-mail 1: vaskafec AT iitr (.) ac (.) in
  • E-mail 2: vaskar AT ieee (.) org


  • PhD, Computing @ HK PolyU, 2010
  • Research Engineer, Telecom Sudparis, 2011
  • Assistant Professor @ IIT Roorkee, since 2011

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