CSN-372 Computer Graphics

Autumn 2022-23

Instructor: Balasubramanian Raman
Office: S-227, CSE Building
Class Meeting Time: Mondays, Thursdays (4-5 pm) and Fridays (5-6 pm).
Class Room: LHC 105
Office Hours: Tuesdays and Wednesdays, 11:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. and by appointment
TAs: Anushka Joshi (anushka_j at cs), Deepak Kumar (d_kumar at cs), Nitin Tyagi (nitin_t at cs) and Puneet Kumar (pkumar99 at cs)
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Course Objectives, Learning Outcomes and Prerequisites

To introduce the concepts of computer graphics through theoretical, algorithmic and advanced modeling aspects along with, applications in 3D graphics and visualization. This course is also covering part of OpenGL for graphics. After successful completion of the course student should be able to apply the concepts and techniques to various problem domain and visualization of data-sets and processes.

Prerequisites: Knowledge of object oriented programming .

Evaluation Components

Lecture Notes

01. Introduction to Computer Graphics (29/07/2022)
02. Computer Vision and Graphics (01/08/2022)
03. Interactivs and Passive Graphics, CRT, Raster and Vector Scan and Flat Panel Display (04/08/2022)
04. Pixel, Basic incremental Line drawing Algorithm (DDA), Introduction to Mid point line drawing Algorithm (05/08/2022)
05. Mid point line drawing Algorithm and Introduction to Mid point circle drawing Algorithm (08/08/2022)
06. Mid point Circle and Ellipse drawing Algorithms (11/08/2022)
07. Ellipse drawing Algorithm and Polygon filling (18/08/2022)
08. 3D Graphics, 3D Geometry and 2D translations (25/08/2022)
09. Homogeneous Coordinate System, Composition of Transformations and Reflection (26/08/2022)
10. 3D Transformations, Composition of 3D Transformations, Transformation between window and viewport and Clipping (29/08/2022)
11. Clipping Algorithms: Brute force, Cohen-Sutherland algorithm and Cyrus-Beck algorithm, 3D viewing (01/09/2022)
12. 3D viewing, Perspective and Orthographic Projections (08/09/2022)
13. The Mathematics of Planar Geometry Projections, Orthographic Projection and General Projections (03/10/2022)
14. Canonical View Volume, Parallel and Perspective Projection Pipelines and Representing Curves and Surfaces (06/10/2022)
15. Parametric cubic curves: Hermite (10/10/2022)
16. Hermite, Bezier and Uniform Nonrational B-Splines (20/10/2022)
17. Non-uniform, Nonrational B-Splines, NURBS, Hermite Surfaces, Bezier and B-Spline Surfaces (21/10/2022)


01. Assignment 1 (Posted on 07/08/2022, due on 21/08/2022)
02. Assignment 2 (Posted on 20/08/2022, due on 02/09/2022)
03. Assignment 3 (Posted on 08/09/2022, due on 30/09/2022)
04. Assignment 4 (Posted on 09/10/2022, due on 25/10/2022)


Recommended Study Material

The following will be used as a reference/text book for this course:
1. James D. Foley, A. Van Dam, S.K. Feiner, and J.F. Hughes, Computer Graphics: Principles and practice, 2nd ed in C, Addision-Wesley Publishing Company.
2. Rogers B., Mathematical Elements of Computer Graphics, Tata McGraw Hill.
3. D. Hearn and M.P. Baker, Computer Graphics, C Version, Pearson Education, 2002.
4. D. Hearn and M.P. Baker, Computer Graphics with OpenGL Version, (3rd edition), Pearson Education.