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Ekant Sharma Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee
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Assistant Professor
Department of Electronics and Communication
IIT Roorkee, India
 Room no. W201/3
Actively looking for motivated PhD/Masters/BTech students to work on the i) state-of-the-art problems in Beyond 5G/6G technologies (highlighted below) and ii) 5G New Radio (NR) Standard. There are no specific prerequisites, please drop me an email with your resume, if interested. For more details please visit Research/Publications/Projects tabs.

Practical 5G
Massive MIMO
Cell-free Massive
Reflecting Surfaces
Machine Learning
for Communication
Multiple Access
5G/6G Systems
  • [June 2022] Paper on RIS Assisted Multi-Pair Full-Duplex Communication got accepted in IEEE Communication Letters 2022. Congratulations Sreenivasulu Reddy Kudumala (My first MTech student)

  • [June 2022] Congratulations to Sivapavan Kumar Vasa and Sreenivasulu Reddy Kudumala, for joining Qualcomm. All the best for your future!

  • [June 2022] Vikram from Saastra Deemed University, successfully completes his final year internship

  • [May 2022] Congratulations to Sreenivasulu Reddy Kudumala and Sivapavan Kumar Vasa for succesfully defending your MTech thesis

  • [May 2022] Majid from Indian Institute of Information Technology, Design and Manufacturing Jabalpur, successfully completes his final year internship

  • [May 2022] Ashutosh and Saiteja (Both students of IIT Roorkee) joined as a Hardware Intern

  • [Apr. 2022] Media coverage of our partnership with Spandiea and IIITB (Prof. Prem Singh) for 5G Research and Development (link1, link2)

  • [Apr. 2022] Invited as a resource person for the ``Workshop on Technical Writing using LaTeX'' at VIT-AP (link)

  • [Mar. 2022] Workshop on "5G-NR Physical Layer: Modeling, Technologies and Standards" by IIITB COMET foundation got very good repsonse with 400+ registrations (link)

  • [Mar. 2022] Instructor for Post Graduate Certification course in ``5G Technology and IoT'' by Coursera and IIT Roorkee (link)

  • [Mar. 2022] Member of following committees: Department academic program committee (DAPC), ANSYS fellowship for MTech students, Departmental high performance computing (HPC), SATHI proposal of DST

  • [Mar. 2022] Invited to become a TPC member for International Conference on Emerging Electronics & Automation (E2A 2022)

  • [Mar. 2022] Expert talk at DSCE Bangalore in FDP on “Disruptive Technologies and challenges in Devices, Communications, Health care, Automation, Smart Grid using AI, ML and 5G/6G (link)

  • [Feb. 2022] Acting as a TPC member for IEEE ICICICT-2022 organized by IEEE Kerala Section

  • [Feb. 2022] Invited by IIITB COMET Foundation as a speaker for the workshop on "5G-NR Physical Layer: Modeling, Technologies and Standards"

  • [Feb. 2022] Appointed as the Joint Secretary in the executive committee of the IEEE Roorkee Sub-section

  • [Jan. 2022] Member of selection committee for Ansys fellowship program at IIT Roorkee

  • [Jan. 2022] Paper on UAV-Enabled Cell-Free Massive MIMO Systems got accepted in IEEE IEEE Transactions on Communications 2022

  • [Jan. 2022] Paper on massive MIMO full-duplex cell-free massive MIMO got accepted in IEEE Open Journal of the Communications Society

  • [Sep. 2021] Project proposal on the topic UAV communication for 5G and beyond: A smart anti-UAV design got approved, sponsored by IIT Roorkee

  • [Sep. 2021] Paper on massive MIMO full-duplex intelligent reflecting surfaces got accepted in IEEE flagship conference Globecom 2021

  • [Sep. 2021] Expert talk in FDP at DSCE Bangalore on the topic ``5G and Beyond Wireless Systems"

  • [Sep. 2021] Expert talk in FDP at NITTTR Chandigarh on the topic ``MATLAB Implementation of OFDM based on 5G NR Standard"

  • [Sep. 2021] Expert talk in FDP at NITTTR Chandigarh on the topic ``Beyond 5G"

  • [Jul. 2021] Chaired a very interesting and timely tutorial by Prof. Emil Bjornson on Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces and Holographic Massive MIMO at NCC'2021

  • [Jul. 2021] Invited talk at Center for Network Intelligence (IISc) on 5G and Beyond Wireless Systems: Energy Efficiency Perspective

  • [Jun. 2021] Two book chapter proposals got accepted for publication in the book titled "A Glimpse Beyond 5G in Wireless Networks" by the publisher Springer Nature.

  • [Apr. 2021] Our paper on multi-pair massive MIMO FD relaying with Rician and correlated channels got accepted in IEEE Transactions on Communications

  • [Nov. 2020] Our paper on Energy-efficient spatially-correlated hardware impaired massive MIMO FD relaying got accepted in IEEE Transactions on Communications

  • [Oct. 2020] Won IITK best PhD thesis award

  • [Aug. 2020] Our paper on massive MIMO NOMA systems design got accepted in IEEE Transactions on Communications

  • [Aug 2020] Selected as Assistant Professor in the department of Electronics and Communication at IIT Roorkee

  • [July 2020] Won best PhD thesis award in IEEE SPCOM 2020

  • [May 2020] Defended my PhD thesis