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Energy Storage Laboratory (ESL)

Our vision is to contribute to make India’s economic development self-sustained as far as requirements of clean energy are concerned. Over a period of time, we must work for a gradual shift from economic activity based on fossil fuels to one based on non-fossil fuels, and from reliance on non-renewable and depleting sources of energy to renewable sources of energy. A massive challenge of 21st century will be the development of efficient and sustainable means of energy conversion, distribution and storage. Electrochemical energy storage and conversion will play a key role in any future scenario, especially for transportation and bulk electricity generation which provides alternative solution for pollutions, greenhouse effect and dependency on oil producing countries. Electrochemical storage technologies are supposed to provide solution to decentralized units as well as to stationary use. Present form of any of the electrochemical device is not suitable owing to their high cost, less safety and poor longevity. It is thus necessary to reduce capital cost and to enhance the service life, and reliability of electrochemical energy storage systems.

In order to ensure that above mentioned technologies fulfil demands of developing nation like India, at Energy Storage Laboratory, Department of Physics, IIT Roorkee, cross-cutting research is undertaken with special emphasis on the synthesis and characterization of multi-functional and nanostructured energy materials and devices, backed by sound theory of the physico-chemical phenomena and processes that occur at the molecular scale in these systems. Our research group has a bunch of enthusiastic researchers whose focus on advancing the science of high-performance and economical energy storage devices. We are particularly interested in understanding the interplay between kinetic, transport, and degradation phenomena of rechargeable batteries and supercapacitors under realistic operating conditions. Then, based on this knowledge, we used to design and evaluate electrochemically-active materials, and to conceptualize and develop new electrochemical processes and systems.


We are organizing International Meeting on Energy Storage Devices 2023 (IMESD-2023) at Department of Physics, IIT Roorkee during 07-10 December, 2023.

Also we are organizing One Day Industry-Academia Conclave (IAC) on Energy Storage Devices at IIT Roorkee during 07-10 December, 2023.

Congratulations to Dr. Shalu Rani for joining IIT (ISM) Dhanbad as an Assistant Professor.

Welcome Dr. Sarita Yadav for joining our group as a Research Associate.

Welcome Mr. Vibhor and Mr. Dinesh for joining our group as a Ph.D. Research Scholar.

Congratulations to Prof. Yogesh K. Sharma for acting as guest-editor for focus issue on energy material for JPhys Energy IOPscience publication, UK.

Sponsored Research Projects

On-going Projects

  • Solid State Battery Development by DST-Mission Innovation-ICMAP, 2022.
  • Development of Na-ion battery technology by CREATE, SERB, 2022.
  • Mass Production of Carbon Nanofibers and Electrolyte/separator for Batteries, Ministry of Textiles, 2022.
  • Development of Solid State Ionic-conductor by DST-Nanomission, 2021.
  • Design and Development of high performance supercapatteries for solar applications (Solar Lantern, Solar Home Light), MNRE, Govt. of India, 2020.

  • Completed Projects

  • Development of a sustainable and safe hybrid supercapacitor for defence and space applications funded by Technology Development Mission, DST (2018).
  • Fabrication and Performance Optimization of Hybrid Supercapacitor Device funded by Defence Research Development Organization (2018).
  • Robust and Chemically Stable Nano Fiber Li-Stuffed Garnet for Next Generation All-Solid-State funded by INDO-Canada, Shastri Institute Collaborative Research (2017).
  • Indo-Taiwan Project, Development of novel hybrid supercapacitor based on Li2MnSiO4 and activated carbon funded by GITA-DST and MOST Taiwan (2016).
  • Nanostructured Mn-based Silicate: Cathode Material for High Energy/Power Density Li-ion Batteries funded by CSIR, Govt. of India (2015).
  • Synthesis and Characterization of Nanostructured Mn-based Oxides as Li-ion battery electrode funded by DST-SERB, Govt. of India (2013).
  • Fabrication of 1D, High Aspect Ratio, Aligned Nanofibers of Metal Oxides by Electrospinning Method funded by DAE-BRNS, Govt. of India (2012).
  • Synthesis and Characterization of Nano-Phase Oxide Materials and their Application as Electrode materials funded by Sponsored Research and Industrial Consultancy, Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee (2011).
  • Research Projects