Graduated Ph.D. Students:

  • Dr. Deepika Saini (2011-2014): 3D RECONSTRUCTION OF FREE-FORM SHAPED OBJECTS IN STEREO VISION USING NURBS. Presently working as an assitant professor at Graphic Era University Dehradun

  • Dr. Pushpendra Kumar (Jul 2011- Jul 2016): Some Efficient Algorithms for Optical Flow Estimation ( Defended his thesis on 27/01/2017 and presently in the Department of Mathematics, NIT Bhopal as an Assistant Professor from January 2019 )

  • Dr. Gossaye Alemu: (August 2012 to November 2015): Wireless Hybrid Visual Servoing Algorithms for Mobile Robots. Presently working as a faculty in Ethiopia

  • Dr. Anu Bala: (December 2011 to April 2016): Object Reconstruction and Registration with Image Gradient using Numerical Simulation. Presently working as an Asstt Professor Multani Mal Modi College, Patiala (Punjab)

  • Dr. Savita Nandal: (July 2014 to February 2020): Some fractional order diffusion models for single image fog removal and denosing.

  • Farhan Musanna: (July 2016 to August 2020): Classical and quantum image encryption algorithms

  • Mahima Lakra: (July 2017 to June 2022) Neural networks-based Computational Algorithms in PDE-Imaging

  • Ashishi Puri: (July 2018 to June 2023) Computational algorithms for Detecting WMFs in Brain MRI (Thesis Submitted)

Current Ph.D. Students:

  • Deepak Singh: working in the area of visual cryptography for post quantum era since 2018

  • Neeraj Singh: working in the area of applied hormonic algoritthms for image processing since 2018

  • Deepa Rathi: working in the area of Qunatum Cryptography since 2019

  • Neeshu Rathi: working in the area of Machine Learning since 2021

  • Sumit K. Vishwakarma: working in the area of Machine learning and functional data analysis since 2021

  • Vivek Verma: working in the area of qunatum cryptography since 2021

  • Srishti Yadav: Differencial Privacy in Machine Learning since 2022

  • Haridarshan Singh: Physics Informed Neural Networks since 2022

  • Ramesh Kumar: Functional Data Analysis since 2023

Former postdoctoral Fellow:

  • Dr. Snehlata Shakya (Ph.D. IIT Kanpur and Postdoc from Linkoping Univ. Sweden) worked on the development of new improve mathematical model for solving multi-fibre heterogeneity of human brain's white matter using diffusion MRI data. Currently working as a postdoctoral fellow at Lund University, Sweden

  • Dr. Sumit Malik (Ph.D. from IIT Roorkee) worked on the develop of new methodology for predicting storm from satellite images using optical flow funded by the Indian Space Research Organization. Currently working as a postdoctoral fellow at Technion Israel