Sponsored Research projects:

S. No. Title Funding Agency/Scheme Financial layout Durtaion
1. Development of Encryption and Secret Sharing Scheme for Quantum Images SERB: Core Research Grant 20.53 Lakhs 2021-2024 (Ongoing)
1. Development of Advanced Computational Algorithms for Evaluating Post-Surgery Rehabilitation DST under India-Czech Bilateral 32.02 Lakhs 2020-2023 (Ongoing)
2. Optical Flow based Prediction of Visual Storms using Satellite Images ISRO under REPOND 16.80 Lakhs 2017-2019 (Completed)
3. Study and Development of Multispectral Active Stereo Vision System for Video Surveillance DST-SERC 5.30 Lakhs 2012-2015 (Completed)
4. 3D Reconstruction and Software Development for City Model Generation from Satellite Images ISRO-RESPOND 7.73 Lakhs 2012-2014 (Completed) as a Co-PI
5. Machine Learning with Python with Practical Examples (consultancy project) NIC, Govt. of India 10.93 Lakhs 2019 (Completed)
6. NURBS based 3D Reconstruction of Curves and Surfaces for Object Modeling IIT Roorkee under FIG grant 1.50 Lakhs 2011-2013 (Completed)